One Day in Singapore


The jolting of the train pulled me out of my light sleep once again. I twitched the curtain aside and looked out onto dawn across a vast expanse of sea. We must be crossing the straits to Singapore I thought sleepily, and snuggled back down into my curtained bunk bed. (I have fallen in love … Continue reading »


Slow Boat to Cambodia

Mekong River from boat

The slow boat along the Mekong to Cambodia was something I should have enjoyed more than I did. Unfortunately, in an inspired plan to save accomodation money, I’d decided to take the night bus from Saigon to the tiny Mekong Delta town the boat was leaving from. Night buses often are a great way to … Continue reading »


Phnom Penh: Palace of Pointy Bits

phnom penh palace me

On my last day in Phnom Penh I decided it was time for frivolity and fun and went to the Palace. (I was surprised to learn that Cambodia actually still has a royal family; Russia, China, Vietnam… I’ve got used to royalty being deposed! The King since 2004 occupies a largely ceremonial position. His Father, … Continue reading »


Paying Respects in Phnom Penh: S-21

Phnom Penh photos

When I was little on a holiday on in France my parents wanted to go and see a village that had been massacred by the Nazis. The buildings, the church, the burned out car on the street, had all been perfectly preserved as they were that day as a memorial. The idea completely freaked me … Continue reading »


Yangshuo: Taking a Walk in the Rice Paddies

yangshuo walk rice karst sillhoette

Yangshuo was a place I’d been looking forward to. A small village with outstandingly beautiful countryside in easy reach, lots of activities to do – the best place to wait for my Vietnam visa to come through! Well, I got there. The weather then decided to reenact the deluge for five days straight. In the … Continue reading »


Photo Shot: Me in Tallin


An old photo of me in Tallin in all my sub-zero temperature gear!


Comorant Fishing in Yangshuo

comorant and me 2

Towards the end of my stay in Yangshuo I gave in, I broke, I decided to go see the Comorant Fishermen. It was as staged for the tourists’ pleasure, and as packed with tourists, as I expected but it still managed to be unbelievably awesome. We were all packed into this boat and sailed onto … Continue reading »


Crumpled Paper City


If someone drew a city on a piece of paper, all the roads and pavements, the shops and offices, the parks and gardens, and then crumpled it into a tight ball, that would be what Hong Kong is like. Hong Kong is a city of tight, twisting three dimensions. I got lost a hundred times … Continue reading »


The Kindness of Strangers

Yesterday I got my Chinese visa extended for another month – I don’t expect to use all that time but there are a couple of things I want to do before I leave and my planned next stop is Vietnam – the only place in South East Asia that requires a visa in advance! I … Continue reading »


A Picky Eater and Xi’an Street Food!

Xian Streetfood 1

Food has been a tricky thing for me this trip. I set out full of determination – I was going to be a Good Traveler and eat only the Local Food! Really. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that even though I am now a Traveler ™ I am still a Picky Eater. *grumbles* Also, although it’s a … Continue reading »

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